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If you don't have an mp3 player, and even if you do, you ought to check out all the new stuff that's going on. I'm in suspense this commentary will give you some idea of what kind of mp3 player you want and some tips on what to look for in an mp3 player.

Maybe you work out and need a little small and skip-proof for administration or lifting. Maybe you have an 8 hour (or longer) plane ride when you go home and need to pass the time. Maybe you want a new one just for the sake of having a new one. Anything it is, this condition ought to help you choose.

First, for those of you who want a touch for effective out: The two most critical belongings to look for are size/weight and solid state memory, belongings CD players lack. You want a little that you can clip to your shorts or strap to your arm that won't interfere with your movements, and you want it to be light an adequate amount so you don't even announcement it. (Tip: Get a lithium ion run to save even more weight. ) To be sure that your player will not skip if you move too much or too fast, get one with solid state home Flash memory, which has no emotive parts so it can't skip. These are as a rule obtainable as 64 to 512 MB models, with a 64 MB model asset around an hour of music. Prices typically range from $100 to $300.

On the other hand, you may want to store all 16,000 songs in your anthology on your mp3 player so you never hear the same one twice. In this case you need a hard drive based mp3 player, generally known as an mp3 jukebox, for which you could pay up to $500. It will be a barely superior and heavier than and not quite as heavy-duty as a solid state mp3 player, but that isn't a affair if you just want to sit about and eavesdrop to music. And they are still far more portable than a CD player.

Torn concerning a small, light, solid state mp3 player and a hard drive based player that holds thousands of songs? Well, the iPod Mini may be for you! The iPod Mini is just one model in a new breed of small hard drive mp3 players. They are a a small amount lighter and less significant than customary hard drive players, and hold more songs than the arithmetic mean solid state mp3 player. (Did I declare the iPod Mini comes in blue, green, gold, and pink?) That's it for the main differences, but here are some more clothes you must look for when creation a purchase: long sequence life, an FM tuner, voice recorder, an easy to read screen, and compatibility with your computer.

If you're looking to acquire online, I advise www. amazon. com. But first you must check www. mp3-player-guide. com (which has a buyer's guide and reviews) so you can make a beat decision.


Levi Bloom has been studying mp3 players for the past few years, so he knows his stuff.

If you want more, check out his websites:

http://mp3-player-guide. com and http://thoughtyouhadeverything. com



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