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How to safeguard your computer? - personal-tech


The next practice, if done regularly, may help you to safeguard your central processing unit to some extent.

1. Run disc clean up, scan disk and defragmentor.

2. Keep your recycle bin emptied.

3. Clean your cache of browsers.

4. Download only the very basic programs that are compulsory to run your big business and avoid the habit of downloading at all you get for free.

5. Bring up to date your programs to keep up the most up-to-date know-how and also for a closer load time.

6. Never open suspicious emails from nameless people, chiefly the attachments conversely tempting it may be. It will be harmful to your computer. At times you may even get emails with attachments with business adage your "Thank you for your order and the acclaim card details". Most of them will be transfer malicious viruses all the way through those attachments.

7. Above all bring to mind to defend your mainframe with antivirus soft ware and inform it regularly.

8. Back up up of all your crucial files and store them in two sets of floppies. In case one floppy fails to open the other one would be of help.

Before passion the industrial help, it will be wise to try the following clean step, which may help you to sort out your problem.

Carefully check your between cord and course board of your computer. A gentle push may solve the problem, correcting the loose correlation and a big expenditure of mission the industrial character can be eliminated.

Lakshmi Menon is a a Juvio Autonomous Accomplice Member. For mainframe help entertain visit: http://mela. juvio. com


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