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Has This Ever Happened To You? OK. . it's Friday night, the kids are asleep, and a movie you've been behind you for is on Pay-Per-View for the first time. You buy the movie, grab a bag of popcorn, get all comfy on the couch, and ten follow-up into the movie "RINGGGG" it's the _______ phone!!! (you fill in the blank).

Well, you can either:

1)Let the answering appliance get it

2)Answer it physically and miss the movie

3)Hit pause, come back with the phone, talk for 20 minutes, then resume examination the movie faithfully where you left off!

If you answered #3 then you must have a DVR in the family. LIFE IS GOOD!

For those unfamiliar with DVR's a short beginning is in order. The initials "DVR" are short for Digital Video Recorder. In a nutshell, a DVR is the avant-garde day alike of a VCR with one major difference. . . it does not use tape. A DVR account audio and video onto a hard drive where they are stored in digital format. DVR's take copy to a whole new level by enabling you to pause, rewind, slo-mo, and immediate play again live TV broadcasts, a beyond price article to have when examination generous actions or Pay-Per-View movies.

Can a DVR exceedingly alteration the way you live your life? Well, you'd be astonished about all the profit adding up a Digital Video Recorder to your Home Entertainment classification can have. A DVR is one of those rare foodstuffs that can have such a profound blow on the way we live our lives that we'll find ourselves wondering how we ever lived devoid of it. Subsequent is a list of some of the major remuneration a DVR can add to your TV viewing experience, along with a brief explanation.

Take check of a live TV broadcast: One of the facial appearance that helped make DVR's illustrious is their power to check a live TV broadcast. By buffering the satellite signal, your DVR can pause, rewind, and slo-motion a live TV broadcast. When your done you can resume the code not including absent a thing.

Never miss your darling shows again: If your schedule doesn't allow you to be about to watch your desired shows, just agenda your DVR to best ever them for you so you can watch them at your convenience.

Put an end to children squabbles: With a DVR in your life category opinion over who gets to watch their beloved shows on the big check TV are a thing of the past.

Two of your darling shows on at the same time? No Problem: If your DVR is equipped with dual tuners, you can have it best ever one show while you watch the other. If you are not going to be home, you can have your DVR background both shows (even all the same they are on at the same time) and watch them at your convenience.

More able yet Easier to use than a VCR: Most DVR's add in a appear rich Curriculum Guide that can continue up to 14 days into the future. The DVR functions are then seamlessly integrated into the guide to make cd your darling shows a snap.

Skip over bothersome commercials: With a DVR there's no need to sit all through exasperating commercials any more. While study a recorded show, just hit the fast accelerate do up and they'll fly right by. Some DVR's can fast accelerate in 30 be with segments building it even easier to skip over discarded commercials.

Play your MP3 music files over your sound system: If you've got an all-embracing array of MP3 music files on your PC, you can assigning them to your networked DVR and play them by means of your home entertainment system.

Watch digital photos on your big check TV: Are you tired of having to bend about a tiny cpu check to view your digital photos? With a networked DVR, each can get comfortable and enjoy digital photos right on your big broadcast TV.

Both DirecTV and DISH Complex offer Satellite receivers with Digital Video Recorders built right in. In addition, many cable providers are also activation to offer this know-how to their customers. Once you live with a DVR, I can approximately assurance that you'll astonishment how you ever got along not including it.

On paper By: Michael Casamento

Michael Casamento is the come to nothing of SatelliteTVSmarts. com contribution all-inclusive comparisons, along with the most recent News, Deals, and In sequence on Digital Satellite TV, and Internet Access.

For more in a row visit: http://www. satellitetvsmarts. com

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