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"Automated Testing" is automating the guidebook hard deal with at this time in use. This requires that a dignified "manual tough process", at present exists in the business or organization.

Automation is the use of strategies, tools and artifacts that bump up or cut down the need of guidebook or human involvement or interaction in unskilled, repetitive or surplus tasks.

Minimally, such a deal with includes:

Detailed test cases, plus predictable "expected results", which have been urban from Affair Functional Specifications and Blueprint documentation

A standalone Test Environment, as well as a Test File that is restorable to a known constant, such that the test cases are able to be frequent each time there are modifications made to the application.

The next types of tough can be automated

Functional - tough that operations act upon as expected.

Regression - taxing that the conduct of the arrangement has not changed.

Exception or Damaging - forcing error circumstances in the system.

Stress - decisive the definite capacities of the appliance and operational infrastructure.

Performance - if cool that the act of the coordination will be ample for both batch runs and online transactions in family member to big business projections and requirements.

Load - influential the points at which the amount and carrying out of the classification befit degraded to the job that hardware or software upgrades would be required.

Benefits of Automated Testing

Reliable: Tests act upon accurately the same operations each time they are run, in so doing eliminating human error

Repeatable: You can test how the software reacts under continual execution of the same operations.

Programmable: You can agenda clever tests that bring out clandestine in sequence from the application.

Comprehensive: You can build a suite of tests that covers every attribute in your application.

Reusable: You can reuse tests on atypical versions of an application, even if the user border changes.

Better Characteristic Software: Since you can run more tests in less time with fewer resources

Fast: Automated Tools run tests drastically closer than human users.

Cost Reduction: As the amount of assets for debility test are reduced.

Choosing the right tools for the job and targeting the right areas of the club to organize them can only appreciate these benefits. The right areas where the mechanization fit must be chosen.

The subsequent areas must be automated first

1. Decidedly disused tasks or scenarios

2. Repetitive tasks that are boring or tend to cause human error

3. Well-developed and well-understood use cases or scenarios first

4. Moderately balanced areas of the attention over dangerous ones must be automated.

Automated testers must adhere to the subsequent guidelines to get the reimbursement of automation:

? Concise: As clear-cut as feasible and no simpler.

? Self-Checking: Test gossip its own results; needs no human interpretation.

? Repeatable: Test can be run many times in a row devoid of human intervention.

? Robust: Test produces same consequence now and forever. Tests are not pretentious by changes in the outside environment.

? Sufficient: Tests verify all the food of the software being tested.

? Necessary: The lot in each test contributes to the specification of much loved behavior.

? Clear: Every account is easy to understand.

? Efficient: Tests run in a acceptable sum of time.

? Specific: Each test breakdown points to a detail piece of cracked functionality; unit test failures give "defect triangulation".

? Independent: Each test can be run by itself or in a suite with an capricious set of other tests in any order.

? Maintainable: Tests must be easy to appreciate and amend and extend.

? Traceable: To and from the code it tests and to and from the requirements.

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