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Mail-merging: the ideology - personal-tech


About mail-merging

Mail-merging is the administer of merging capricious data and fixed text.

Using mail-merging, you can build individualised letters, envelopes, labels and other credentials not including having to laboriously build each creature one.

Mail-merging as you would expect fulfils one of the DfES's setting of reducing the administrative burden on teachers, that is that when data is inputted into a central processing unit coordination it ought to be right first time. One of the aspects of this code is that computer data be supposed to not have to be re-entered in order to generate a another view of it.

Examples of mail-merging

The "right first time" attitude can be illustrated by the number of assorted kinds of deed that you could create using one set of data consisting of discipline names and addresses and Head teachers' names:

Notification of funding allocations for anew economic year.

Invitation to a meeting.

Attendance registers for courses/conferences.

End-of-term letter.

Labels for congress packs.

Address labels for the envelopes. You can even use the same set of data (if set up properly initially) to send another calligraphy to (for example):

Primary schools/secondary schools.

Schools that have/have not submitted their ICT Strategy.

Head teachers that are invited to a assembly on Monday, and those invited to the conference on Tuesday. Advantages of mail-merging

It can save a lot of time over the long term.

Recipients often feel as if they have been given individual attention. Disadvantages of mail-merging

It can take a long time to set up initially, and so may not be worth it for a one-off job.

Recipients often feel as if they have been given individual attention. This is not continually a good idea.

Terry Freedman runs the website http://www. ictineducation. org, on which he sells the Big Database, consisting of 1008 proceedings and 23 fields -- ideal for practising mail-merging!


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