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404 error pages: what are they and how do you coin one? - personal-tech


We've all seen them, you've been browsing a website and you click a link and nil loads apart from the words '404 Error' along with the usual stuff.

So what is a 404 Error page? The 404 Error page, chiefly informs the user that the attendant cannot find the file they are looking for. However, as a replacement for of using the defaulting 404 Error page you can conceive your own, this is how you do it.

First, you need your . htaccess file which must be inside your web site directory. If you cannot find it you will need to conceive one. You will have to commerce your host asking them how you would go about creating or expurgation this file. They may want you to use a text editor and then upload it, or they may want you to use a PICO editor and conceive or edit the file on the server.

How you have admittance to the . htaccess file lets edit it. Add this line to the . htaccess file:

ErrorDocument 404 http://www. yourdomain. com/404page. html

Make sure this line is kept on online. This is where your 404 Error page is kept.

Now you've alteration the . htaccess file you need to coin the page. This is austerely a customary HTML document. Once you've formed the HTML document, save it and call it 404page. html. Now the next step is to upload the . htaccess file and the page to the server.

Now that is done your next step is to turn it on. This is done by locale the CHMOD attribute to 644. You can do this via telnet or some FTP programs. If your going to telnet into your server, use the subsequent command:

chmod 644 . htaccess

Now test to see if it's worked. Just go to a page that doesn't exist on your ma?tre d' and you ought to see your new 404 Error page. If not, then make sure the CHMOD is set correctly, and if that doesn't help, you may want to ask your hosting circle for support.

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