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Defend your pc from viruses, worms & trojans - personal-tech


Each of the items in the checklist below is part of a broad and easy to execute confidence policy.

  • Install all windows decisive updates for your in service coordination from the Microsoft Bring up to date site - it's free! All that's mandatory to keep your Microsoft in commission arrangement up to date is an Internet connection.
  • Install and configure a firewall - both a hardware or software based firewall is a must! If you are using a router, it maybe has firewall capabilities included. Software firewalls are free at nominal cost; one of the best is free!
  • Install and configure antivirus software - the cost is minimal, there are even free versions free - the guard is priceless! Bring up to date the clearness files daily - scan your drive weekly - it can all be automated with most programs.
  • Create a encouragement - even the best plan can be circumvented - be geared up for the worst with a absolute encouragement of your hard drive! If you before now have a CD burner and software installed in your machine, you doubtless have the tools to conceive a absolute arrangement encouragement - for only the cost of a few CD-R's!
  • Obviously, the costs to as it should be guard manually from the worst threats to your guarantee are just about nil. If you need help with any step above, cleanly use a Google examination to find help - it's liberally available.

    Follow these four down-to-earth steps and you will have implemented all-embracing and accomplished fortification for your PC. If you are powerless to initiate your own plan, hire an connoisseur to do the job. You won't be sorry!

    2004 ODEC

    Mike Burstein has been plateful the SOHO and Small Affair cooperation grow & do well for over 20 years by solving start up problems, creating best practices, automating their offices, being paid free advertising and dramatically greater than ever interchange and sales.


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