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I a moment ago took a good look at what was maintenance me from accomplishing what I desirable to do. After all, I had my goals. I had them on paper down. I read my affirmations daily. And still, I was not achieving what I sought to do.

Leaving town was a major undertaking. And that's not good when you're a expert speaker! I need to be able to leave at a moment's announcement and be successful ready to give my full concentration to my audience. So it was time for a look at what was land me back. Here's what I found.

1. I used my desktop central processing unit in the office. However, my accounting course and call databases were on that machine, so my aide also desirable to use it. We every so often found ourselves coming up for the other anyone to get off the appliance ahead of we could do what we desired to do.

2. I used a 3-lb cpu on the road. Although I on the odd occasion used them, I had to pack the CD player and floppy drive, plus the docking bar with the analogous port on it - just in case I desirable any of those items.

3. I often found in my opinion lacking a file I considered necessary or a contact's information. It took me up to an hour or two beforehand I left town each time to conclude on and assigning what I desired to my laptop, then an added 30 log or more when I returned to inform my desktop with all I had worked on while I was gone.

4. I had an early 2MB Palm V that could not hold any e-books and did not sync with my Outlook calendar and contacts. So again, I spent a lot of time repetition and thrashing in order connecting my desktop or my cpu and my Palm.

In general, clothes were not functioning well and the tribulations were appealing obvious.

Here's how I resolved most of my issues.

1. I bought a new laptop. This is 3 years newer than the other, but it's four times more rapidly and has a bigger screen. And while I traded a 3-pounder for a 7-pounder, my new cpu has a built-in floppy and a built-in CD burner. That means all the pieces are with me all the time. And with the CD burner, I can back up data briefly or move it to a new laptop by a long shot - very nice when you need to use a celebrity else's computer!

2. I moved my desktop to a further agency for my assistant. That means she and I can be running at the same time on the rare occasions I'm in the bureau - what a concept!

3. I only put the programs I need for my tasks on my laptop. So if I don't think I be supposed to be doing it, I didn't load the software. I did not put my accounting curriculum or my databases on my laptop; instead, I'm delegating those tasks to my helper (another new concept!) If I need to look at everything on those programs, I'll walk into her administrative center and check.

4. I purchased a new color Palm. It's color with lots of memory. Best of all, it syncs with Outlook contacts, tasks, calendar and notes. Plus it uses Word and Excel, as well as Adobe Trapeze artist Reader. This is truly revolutionary! To make sure I have the in order I need with me, I put the Palm into its cot and it inevitably syncs everything. No more deciding what to take, then photocopying and beating it! I find I'm control Word credentials on the plane, plus I'm in receipt of a lot of the e-books read in airports and session alone in restaurants. When I want to coin an clause from cut (as I'm doing with this one), I use the keyboard.

In short, my move life has altered dramatically in the past 2 weeks! And as I walk back into my bureau this afternoon, I'll pull my notebook out and put it on my desk, then sync it with my Palm. I will have all with me that I've had on the road for the past 10 days. My assistant's work life won't be interrupted and we'll never lose a beat in being paid the job done!

Just the sense of calm and be in charge of are worth it. No more frantic transferring of files as I leave. No more before you to use my central processing unit while she prints invoices for the month. No more. . . well, you get the idea! I'm detective novel with the make-over!

Do you need to appraise your productivity? Take this short quiz and see:

1. Do you at all times have the in order you need with you - any on your cell phone, your laptop, and your PDA (personal digital assistant, such as a Palm Pilot or IPAQ)?

2. Are you difficult to share a laptop with anybody else?

3. Can you get on the Internet as often and as long as you need to?

4. If you need a client file while you're roaming do you have it? Can you get it surrounded by 15 notes - even after hours?

5. If you need to move a file or print a file, so you have a way to do that while you're traveling?

6. Are there tasks that are not in receipt of done? Why? Could it be cured by shifting or addition technology?

Remember: Know-how is a tool that works FOR us. If you're running harder and longer since of the technology, it's not functioning the way it should. Don't put off productivity!

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Dr. Jeanette Cates is an Internet strategist who works with experts who are ready to turn their awareness and their websites into Gold. Her reputation as a amplifier and teacher has earned her the title of The Knowledge Tamer. Jeanette shares her news and views in OnlineSuccessNews. com


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