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I have a p3 500MHz PC with 128MB RAM, 10. 2 GB HDD Sony CD ROM 48x with display ME book working system. I have a problem- when I enclosure my audio cd, it shows the error message: "window cannot contact the one appliance path or file. You may not have apposite acquiescence the admittance the item. " Delight tell me the clarification of this error how can we configure the Yahoo! Bank account in outlook express. What is the pop mail and SMTP adopt of the Yahoo! Mail?

Dr Birbals: do you get this challenge only in the case of audio CDs only or is it an every time phenomenon. If this badly behaved is certain to audio CDs, then you must first check your sound card drivers and the compatibility of the player you are using to play audio CDs. A propos configuration of Yahoo! Balance in the outlook express, the formula is simple. If this is your first bill in outlook express, then on opening outlook definite it will by design start configuring an e-mail bank account for you, which could be your Yahoo! balance also. However, if you are using outlook definite by now and would like to set a new balance i. e. Yahoo! Then you must add character and start configuring the balance as by and large you would do by the next clear-cut steps. However, when you are asked to enter the POP address, then use pop. mail. yahoo. com. In case of SMTP address, delight use the adopt smtp. mail. yahoo. com. Enter the user name, which would be the first part of your yahoo e-mail ID. Then accomplished the rest of the step and this will be over the configuration.

I have assembled central processing unit with Celeron 333MHz, Yamaha sound card, 32MB RAM and 4. 3GB hard disk. I am using window'98 as OS. My catch is that at whatever time I make a call to the USA, the voice from the other side comes but my voice doesn't go. What is the aim and how to solve the problem? My vendor advised me to add a further sound card to solve the problem. Is it right? Guide me which card apt for the same. I used Yahoo! Envoy for construction a call.

Dr Birbals: in your case there is a good leeway that you are using a half-duplex sound card in your system. In the half-duplex sound card, the sound travels in only one channel, which means that if you are discourse then the sound of other character could not be transmitted, except you stop speaking. However, in case of full-duplex sound cards, the sound travels in both channels, thus facilitating apposite two-way communication. Hence you must check, if your sound card is half-duplex, then you may need a new full-duplex sound card, or else you do not need new sound card.

I have p3 (550 MHz) 810 motherboard, assembled computer. My PC amplifier 480 w of dolphin makes a noise when I play a song, movie or any other agenda requiring sound production whether I play song in winamp, media player or anywhere.

Dr. Birbals: since you have not mentioned what kind of noise you are getting, so it is awkward to locate your problem. However, in general the conundrum of noise is linked with the some kind of short-circuit or loose connection. So get your PC checkered for any such problem. Also entertain check the earthing of your electricity connection, as illegal earthing could also consequence in some kind of noise with other challenge in your PC.

I am having p3 550MHz Intel central processing unit with 810 Vinton motherboard, 20GB HDD, 52xCDD, Motorola 56 KBPS modems with WIN ME as in use system. In recent times I installed win 2000 authority but can't be able to establish the driver of modem. I tried installing the driver from the first Motorola CD but got the implication "your driver may get clash with win 2000 adaptation for the reason that the driver is not having digital signatures. " Desire guide me what ought to I do to establish the driver of the modem.

Dr. Birbals: digital signature an encryption and decryption deal with allowing both the affirmative identification of the creator of an electronic letter (who wrote the message) and verification of integrity of the message. Since this is a modem confidence measure, thus it has befall a banner in avant-garde working arrangement like windows 2000. There for you demand drivers, which are fitting with windows 2000. There could be a chance that the driver you are annoying to establish is not for windows 2000. For that reason in order to solve this problem, you be supposed to fit the adaptation certain to Windows NT or windows 2000. Nevertheless as far as Motorola inner modems are connected, windows 2000 by design detects it and establish the accepted edition of driver from its folder and thus it does not compel you to bed in the driver manually. Thus, in light of this fact, it is change for the better to let the windows 2000 discover the accepted driver and establish the same.

Q. No. 1

I want to know that what do satellites in a PC amp approach do.

Q. No. 2

Do they act as tweeters or just customary speakers so that the sound comes from all about the room?

Q. No. 3

I have a creative sound blaster live sound card, it has assist for satellites so I want to buy jetway artis speakers (with 4 satellite and sub-woofer included). will the satellite conceive Dolby surround sound or will they just sound as four speakers located at the vertices of the room?

Q. No. 4

Is a 33. 6kbps exterior modem slower than a 56kbps inner modem?

Q. No. 5

Does having more RAM in your decorative card, mean beat performance?

Dr. Birbals: basically, satellite nonentity to do with PC speakers; it's only the satellite speakers, which are associated to PC's. The satellite speakers are magnetically fortified speakers, which are meant for use with video monitors. It delivers brawny audio playback from compound piece system, as a rule three pieces. The use of this equipment brings about dramatic convalescence average speakers that come bundled with your PC. They do not act as tweeters, however, but has its own know-how to convalesce the sound quality. It is not just inadequate to Dolby surround sound, since it skin tone are much advanced. Concerning your query for modems. It is a affair of fact that the 56kbps modems are nearer than the 33. 6kbps modems. It is irrespective of the fact whether it is an outdoor modems or inner modem. In spite of this at places, where the downloading speed is very slow, the differentiation amid 56kbps modem and 33. 6 modem will not be much. As regards your query correlated to elevated video memory, it is actually true that the advanced video recollection means develop performance.

I am using internet correlation from the VSNL. My conundrum is that while I am online, the call up certainly gets disconnected and I have to redial. Again after few notes of being online, I am disconnected. I have got two phone lines. This badly behaved is with one phone line while no such conundrum occurs with other phone line. Win'98 is my OS and my laptop is p2 with 333MHz.

Dr. Birbals: it is evidently evident from your mail that the catch in your case lies in your car phone line moderately than your central processing unit hardware. You must get your cell phone line checkered for any kind of phone joints, cuts, and crooked extensions. Normally, it is happens as of these factors only. However, if you are contented of these factors, then you may opt to alter the line of your call up right from the close DOT point to your PC. I am sure these effects will help you in in receipt of this catch corrected. However, in order to avoid too hang around disconnection, you may also add the line S10=50 in the difficult opportunity in your modem configuration. But, this in itself will not be able to solve your problem, if there is a defect in your car phone line.

I have Celeron 533with 1-0GB hard disk and 64 MB RAM. I have windows ME in use system. I have a challenge that when I want to associate to the net, my coordination hangs. Choose tell me how I can solve this problem.

Dr. Birbals: the conundrum of approach lynching could be due to quite a few reasons; entertain write back at what stage of bond dose your classification hangs. Whether it lynching on dialing, or it hangs while hard shaking with the ISP head waiter or at the time of classification on to the windows. This in rank would be critical to fulfil your distrust correctly.

I want to know how to get m Yahoo! Mail in my outlook express. I entered pop. mail, yahoo. com as many incoming ma?tre d'h?tel and smtp. mail. Yahoo. com as my outgoing server. When I press send and accept I get "outgoing mail failed. " For incoming it asks me my password. I entered it accurately 3 times yet could not get the mail.

Dr. Birbals: while incoming the pop and SMTP ma?tre d' delight take care that it is enter appropriately and there are no space in it. In the location of outlook express, you can save your password, which will save you from the botheration of inflowing your password again and will also not come again this error. However, in case of distribution mail all through outlook communicate using Yahoo! Services; it a little bit gives this problem, which is detail to Yahoo military only.

I have p3 computer. I have a challenge while functioning on net. At whatever time I try to open any site, hymn online opens as a default. Entertain tell me why does it open as a evasion and how can I get of rid on it

Dr. Birbals: this is in reality not a badly behaved and can be corrected by a long way by some austere changes in your browser settings. If you are using internet explorer, then cleanly open the internet traveler and check on the tool menu. Now click on the internet options and in the home page adopt box, any elect site of your amount or desire about blank. This will help you get rid of this problem. Alike in case you are using Netscape communicator, then to adjustment the evasion page, click on edit menu and then click preferences. In homepage position box, each enter the site attend to of your array or leave it blank. This clear-cut calculate will help you get red of your problem.

I use my laptop by and large for audio-CAD work, which is precise; precious I store the whole data on my hard disk. Other members of the children also use the same computer. From the wellbeing point of view, I want to have some trustworthy encouragement array that can be reorganized for extra work from time to time. At acquaint with there are about 2500 files that I want to store in the back-up also. Floppy disk are of low capacity, CD drive requires CD-writer and is expensive. So benevolent direct as it should be mode for backup.

Dr. Birbals: these days the hard disks as usual have a large capability so the easiest elucidation is to contribute a certain partition of your hard disk for back up up your files. You can guard them with password and can even hide it so that it is not clear to anybody. The agree with blend could be Zip drive, where you can keep your data in large aptitude floppies and can even carry them with you. This decision is a bit expensive, as you will have to additionally buy outside Zip drive. However, the alternative of CD-writer is the best as you can store a large total of data on your CD. As well that the data on a CD is safest.

I have a p3, 667 MHz (based 100 MHz SD RAM) with 64 RAM on HP pavilion. My in use classification is windowa'98 SE on 10. 2 GB ultra DMA ATA 66 hard drive (about 7GB free space). I have an internet bond from the BSNL. I face a problem--- the approach a bit freezes and then neither baby grand nor mouse work. I have to turn the power off. Desire guide me whether greater than ever RAM to 128 will solve my problem?

Dr. Birbals: you must run scandisk first in thorough mode in order to check any harms in your hard disk. if the scan disk does not work appropriately in windows, then you must run it in DOS mode. If there is any problem, then scan disk will bang about it. Moreover, you must also check the consequence for any bad sector in your hard disk as this could be one of the reasons for your problem. However, if all is reported fine by scan disk, then the needle of feeling would go to motherboard of your computer. This you will have to get check from your hardware vendor. Your conundrum has naught to do with escalating the RAM and thus greater than ever it to 128 MB will not in reality solve your problem.

I have p3 500MHz processor, 64 MB RAM, win'98 SE inner modem (Motorola SM56PCI speakerphone). Customarily when I try to bond to the internet, I get an error 678 performance the communication "dialup exchange ideas was powerless to absolute the connection. Amplify click the bond icon to fix again" and after a short time I am able to connect. A big cheese told me that this challenge is due to inner modem and if I use an outer modem, I may be able to bond the very first time. You have mentioned some techniques to convalesce the modem. I tried to check my phone line using HyperTerminal, but when I elected address to com x in "connect to windows", I did not get the com x properties. I got a blank casement instead. When I enter the said terms (ATZ, AT&FDT ISP's number) it dials using tone dialing that I don't have. So desire tell me what to do with my in-house modem to avoid that error and also how I can check my cell phone line using HyperTerminal.

Dr. Birbals: this is very conventional chaos in the minds of many personnel that the in-house modems are not capable and gives error. But this is not correct. Although undoubtedly outer modems are develop in terms of by and large carrying out and ease of use yet the inner modems give alike consequence as far as the net speed is concerned. Whether it is inner modem or outside modem, what is more crucial is chip set of the modem. If the home modem good chipset like Rockwell, then there is no badly behaved in it. The challenge mentioned by you is not allied to the internet modem and there could be many reasons for such kind of error. Now the practice you are chatting about is to check the line environment and not the modem. So it will certainly not help you in analysng your modem. Conversely for a defined answer to your problem, delight write in aspect plus the idea you get.

Whenever I start my cpu I get message: "NO ISDN policy were found. Desire bed in an ISDN apparatus and run the configuration wizard". I neither had ever installed nor wish to fit ISDN device. Benign direct how to get rid on this letter to avoid clicking "OK" ach time.

Dr. Birbals: though for solving your challenge in a row about your in use approach and approach configuration is necessary. However, it appears that while configuration your internet connection, you had opted for ISDN connection. I think of for the reason that of this aim you get the advice for ISDN device. As a answer of this badly behaved any cut off the ISDN link wizard or reconfigure your dial-up networking.

I have windows ME installed on my computer. I want to configure my outlook definite to get my mail from my balance on rediff. com but I don't know how to configure. Delight tell me what to write in the incoming mail ma?tre d'h?tel and the outgoing mail ma?tre d' fields.

Dr. Birbals: rediff mail is a web-based e-mail services, so its pop and SMTP attendant names are not available. However, for configuring an e-mail bank account in your e-mail client, the in sequence about these two servers is quite essential. So, all but it is awkward to configure rediff mail balance in outlook express.

I have challenge with in performance the VCDs. It hangs the system, then it play for 4 to 5 seconds and hang again. The HDD and CD ROM drive's LED glows always with full light when it hangs. All other CDs (program and audio) run well. I tried the whole thing I know. I have installed right drivers for the device. My approach is p200 MMX, 32 MB RAM, cirrus 5446 VGA with 2MB RAM, creative CD ROM drive and OS is win'95.

Dr. Birbals: this challenge is as normal occurs in case of low memory. So in order to get rid of this badly behaved you need to become more intense your recollection if feasible a develop VGA card with advanced VRAM. Moreover, you also need to add to the size of the panging file size. Also you ought to keep a good space on your hard disk free. So the first thing you be supposed to try to do is free up some hard disk space. As a rule of thumb you be supposed to constantly keep at least 10 percent of your hard disk amount at all times free, despite the fact that senior is better. If this solves your problem, its well and good, else you would be compulsory to add to the memory.

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