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When studying for your Cisco CCNA, CCNP, or CCIE exam, you've got a able online bat at your disposal. It's Cisco Bond Documentation, found at www. cisco. com/univercd. This site contains product, code, and protocol documents for all Cisco products.

Many exam candidates exceedingly don't start using this authoritative tool until they're studying for their more far ahead exams. However, it's central for CCNAs, CCNPs, and candidates for these certifications to learn their way about this site. It comes in handy for discovery evade principles that Cisco exceedingly enjoys asking about on exams, and the protocol citations found there can help you study as well.

The site can be a barely overwhelming for newcomers, but it's in reality easy to navigate. On the site's homepage, you're accessible with a list of foodstuffs and a number of drop-down menus. To get started, I be redolent of you elect Cisco IOS Software? in the top-right drop-down menu, and choice a code version. 12. 2 is a good one to start with. From there, choose the IOS Circulate 12. 2 Configuration Guide and Charge References.

You're then free with a list of technologies, and each has a Configuration Guide and a Appreciation Reference. If you're studying Interior Gateway Protocols at this point (such as OSPF, RIP, and EIGRP), cliquey -IP Configuration Guide and then -IP Routing Protocols-?.

You then have the administrator Cisco credentials on how to configure RIP, IGRP, OSPF, EIGRP, ISIS, and BGP. Analysis this credentials is invaluable. Many study guides skip the minutiae to give you an overview of the protocol. This credentials doesn't skip anything. The citations shows how and when to use any authority for that protocol. There are also real-world examples and notes on when to use each command. I've constantly educated a bit new when analysis the online Cisco documentation.

You can then back out and go all the way through the same steps for the Be in charge Reference. For those studying for Cisco exams, this bit will at once key any cast doubt on you have about a command's grammar or evade values. As a substitute of annoying to bring to mind which book you saw a value in, just zoom out to this site and you'll have your fulfil in seconds. Real-world examples of charge usage are prevalent as well.

As with anything, the more you use the online Cisco documentation, the beat you get at it. The Configuration Guide for the a choice of Cisco switches give you a great conjure up of how switches work. I decidedly advocate appraisal at least one of their switches' config guides.

Beyond any exam value the online Cisco credentials gives you, it serves a new advantageous purpose. The more you use it now, and the more comfortable you get with it, the change for the better you'll be with it when the day comes that you need it on the job. And trust me - that day will come!

Chris Bryant, CCIE (TM) #12933, has been effective in the Cisco documentation cooperation for years. He has printed a number of books that have helped CCNA candidates about the world accomplish the desirable CCNA certification, plus quite a few concentrating on dual math conversions and subnetting questions that the be an average of CCNA aspirant will need to counter on their CCNA exams.

He is the owner of The Bryant Improvement (http://www. thebryantadvantage. com) where he teaches inexpensive world-class CCNA courses via the Internet, and sells his admired Cisco qualifications books. He??s proud to have helped CCNA candidates about the world complete their career goals. Mr. Bryant??s books and courses are sold on his site, on eBay, and on numerous other major Cisco guarantee sites.


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